About Ruth

Ruth Desjardins was born in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada. She was born Ruth Elizabeth Teresa Maloney to Katherine Roberts and Michael Maloney in 1941. She was one of ten children. She was very proud of her Irish heritage. 

By profession, Ruth was a everyone’s favourite teacher. In her personal life, she was a loving Mother, Sister, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Auntie, and trusted friend.

Ruth loved to write, to read, and to paint. She was also a lover of psychology and philosophy. Her profound wisdom, her intellect, and her optimistic spirit shines through in all of her writing. It is my hope that you will be inspired by her, and that you can experience a small part of the amazing woman that she was through her work. Her writing has never been published, until now.

I count myself lucky every day to have been fortunate enough to have had her share her very heartfelt work with me. Its moral foundation, underscored who she was, and who I became as a result of her. She is in my thoughts and my heart every day. I love her so.

-Lisa Desjardins

Ruth Desjardins, A cherished Canadian author

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