The Arena is a fable written by famed Canadian Author, Ruth Desjardins



Introducing “The Arena” – a powerful and thought-provoking poem by talented poet Ruth Desjardins. This emotional journey takes readers through the struggles of life, where every person must fight for love and honor in an arena where death is the only way out. With a hero facing a villain, ready to risk his life, the story takes an unexpected turn as he meets a friendly smile instead of cruelty. The hero’s journey is a challenge for every reader, as they are forced to question the very nature of their existence. Can one rise above their inner demons to find true happiness and triumph? “The Arena” offers a message of hope and inspiration that will stay with readers long after the final verse. Get your copy of “The Arena” today and embark on a journey of self-discovery that will change your life forever.


"A masterpiece! Read it today, love it forever."
"The Arena is a Poetry Triumph! Ruth Desjardins is an extraordinary talent, capturing the essence of the human spirit with grace and profound insight. Her poetic prowess shines through in every carefully crafted line, leaving an indelible mark on the reader's soul."
"I can hardly find the words to express the profound impact that Ruth Desjardins' poem, The Arena, has had on my life. From the moment I first read the verses, I felt an immediate connection to the depth of emotions and the truths it conveyed.The Arena is a journey that unravels the complexities of love, honor, and the battles we face within ourselves. As I read line by line, I was enveloped by the raw honesty and the beauty of Desjardins' words."

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