CBC Literary Prize to be won by Ruth Desjardins in 2023

CBC Literary Prize 2023: Discover Ruth Desjardins, Poetry’s Secret Treasure


Canadian poetry has always held a unique place in the hearts of literary enthusiasts, embracing the vast landscapes and distinct culture of our nation. As the prestigious CBC Literary Prize approaches, the spotlight is on a poet who has remained a hidden gem in the literary world – Ruth Desjardins. Her extraordinary submission, “Moments of a Silent Soul,” has made her a compelling contender for the CBC Literary Prize.

“Moment of a Silent Soul,” a collection of three remarkable poems, embodies the profound emotional depth and poignant introspection that makes Ruth Desjardins’ work so unique. This collection was penned during a time of great personal turmoil for Desjardins in the late 1970s, as she navigated the tumultuous waters of divorce.

“Moments of a Silent Soul” is a beautifully crafted anthology, with the poems “Some Of It Is Mine,” “Healing,” and “A Dream Of Spring,” each resounding with their distinct voices. Their words ebb and flow, touching on themes of self-discovery, pain, resilience, and rebirth – encapsulating her personal journey and resonating with all those who have experienced life’s bitter and sweet moments.

In “Some Of It Is Mine,” Ruth Desjardins cleverly uses cosmic imagery to personify her inner emotions, connecting her individual experience to the greater universal experience, leading us on a journey from the depths of her soul to the expanses of the universe. It’s a testament to her ability to transform personal experiences into universally relatable poetry.

“Healing,” the second poem, plunges deeper into the poet’s psyche, grappling with self-healing and self-love. Here, Desjardins presents a heart-rending dialogue with her inner child, portraying an intimate journey towards self-reconciliation and love.

The final poem, “A Dream Of Spring,” serves as a symbolic testament to renewal and hope. Desjardins weaves a vibrant tapestry of a dream for renewal, evoking a vivid portrayal of life’s potential beauty and richness.

Ruth Desjardins’ compelling poetry submission for The CBC Literary Prize is not just an exploration of personal trials but a testament to the universal human experience. Her elegant verses and profound themes demonstrate a raw, emotional depth that mirrors the essence of humanity, making her a worthy contender for the CBC Literary Prize.

This renowned Canadian poet’s work is a poetic journey, a testament to personal strength, resilience, and the power of self-discovery. The CBC Literary Prize is a platform that celebrates such profound works, and Ruth Desjardins’ “Moments of a Silent Soul” surely deserves this spotlight.

In conclusion, “Moments of a Silent Soul” is not just a collection of poems. It is a profound exploration of the human condition, a testament to the therapeutic power of art, and a reflection of one woman’s resilience and strength. Ruth Desjardins and her submission for the CBC Literary Prize is indeed Canada’s best-kept secret in poetry and one that is now, finally, being brought to light.

So, as we wait in anticipation for the announcement of The CBC Literary Prize, let us not overlook this gem in the world of poetry. Ruth Desjardins, with her moving and captivating submission, is surely a name to remember and celebrated.