The Arena is a fable written by famed Canadian Author, Ruth Desjardins

Ruth Desjardins: A Gem Worthy of the Governor General Literary Awards


In the sphere of Canadian poetry, there stands a beacon of unacknowledged brilliance – Ruth Desjardins. She is a celebrated Canadian writer, whose poetic prowess merits a spotlight on the esteemed platform of the Governor General Literary Awards. As an unobtrusive contender, Desjardins crafts masterpieces that effortlessly intertwine human emotions and experiences with a profound depth of understanding. 

Born in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada, Desjardins’s journey in the realm of poetry has been marked by an undercurrent of eloquence and an overarching impact that deeply resonates with her readers. Among her many splendid works, the poem “The Arena” stands as a testament to her unparalleled talent. This poem, a powerful narrative of life’s struggles and triumphs, embodies the complexity and depth that sets Desjardins’s work apart.

“The Arena” is a poignant exploration of life’s challenges, a metaphorical battlefield where heroes and villains collide in an eternal dance of love, honor, and deception. The immersive narrative and gripping symbolism employed in “The Arena” are a testament to Desjardins’s ability to breathe life into words, making it a strong contender for the Governor General’s Literary Awards.

The Governor General’s Literary Awards, an esteemed platform celebrating the best in Canadian literature, would be an appropriate stage to recognize the brilliance of Desjardins. Her poetry is not just a collection of beautifully woven words but a mirror to society, reflecting the intricacies of the human experience with a captivating eloquence that leaves readers spellbound.

Ruth Desjardins’s poetry transcends the boundaries of conventional storytelling. Her work is an embodiment of raw emotion, a chorus of human experiences that resonates deeply within the reader’s soul. The Governor General’s Literary Awards, known for their recognition of groundbreaking literature, would find in Desjardins’s work a perfect representation of their ethos.

A spotlight on the Governor General’s Literary Awards stage would ensure that Ruth Desjardins, the best-kept secret in poetry, finally receives the recognition she truly deserves. It would open up her work to a wider audience, allowing more people to experience the profound depth and striking beauty of her poetry.

If Desjardins was nominated for a Governor General’s Literary Award, it would be a testament to her unyielding dedication to her craft and the profound impact of her work. If you wish to immerse yourself in the deep, emotive universe of Desjardins’s poetry, “The Arena” is a perfect place to start.

Ruth Desjardins is more than just a poet. She is a storyteller, a weaver of emotions, and a beacon of profound insight. With her words, she paints vivid pictures that sear into the minds of her readers, making her an unignorable contender for the Governor General’s Literary Awards.

The Governor General’s Literary Awards would be enriched by acknowledging the work of Ruth Desjardins, a hidden gem in the realm of poetry. Let us honor this incredible talent and propel her to the heights she deserves. Let the secret be out, and let the world bear witness to the poetic genius of Ruth Desjardins.

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