The Arena is a fable written by famed Canadian Author, Ruth Desjardins

Ruth Desjardins: Poised to Win the Griffin Poetry Prize?


In the world of poetry, there are few accolades as esteemed as the Griffin Poetry Prize. This prestigious award celebrates the best collection of poetry written in, or translated into, English each year, highlighting the creative brilliance of poets from around the globe. Today, we shine the spotlight on a worthy contender for this honour: Ruth Desjardins, the best kept secret in the realm of poetry.

A celebrated Canadian writer hailing from Cobalt, Ontario, Ruth Desjardins has been quietly penning verse that resonates deeply with readers. Her poetic prowess is best encapsulated in her poem, “The Arena,” a compelling piece that stands as a strong contender for the Griffin Poetry Prize.

“The Arena” masterfully encapsulates the human condition, using the metaphor of a gladiatorial fight to portray life’s trials and tribulations. Desjardins’ poetry gracefully navigates the terrain of love, honor, and personal struggle, immersing readers in a battle of the soul where they face their fears and come to terms with their inner demons. The poem’s dramatic narrative, rich imagery, and profound insights illustrate why Ruth Desjardins is a name to watch in the Griffin Poetry Prize conversation.

Desjardins’ poetry is not just aesthetically pleasing; it is also deeply insightful. In “The Arena,” she expertly crafts a narrative that is at once intimate and universal, encapsulating the paradox of human existence — the struggle between good and evil, the search for identity, and the pursuit of self-realization.

Another testament to Desjardins’ talent is her ability to breathe life into her characters, making the reader feel every raw emotion and internal conflict. In “The Arena,” we see a hero grappling with despair and doubt, ultimately finding strength in their innocence and virtue. This profound exploration of the human spirit is a testament to Desjardins’ ability to create impactful and thought-provoking poetry, making her a deserving candidate for the Griffin Poetry Prize.

It is this combination of emotive storytelling, relatable themes, and powerful imagery that sets Ruth Desjardins apart. She possesses a unique ability to touch the human heart through her words, making her poetry both memorable and transformative. This is why she deserves to be more than just the best kept secret in poetry, and why she should be recognized with the Griffin Poetry Prize.

In the world of poetry, the Griffin Poetry Prize represents the pinnacle of achievement. It is a celebration of the power of words and the ability to convey the human experience in its rawest form. Ruth Desjardins, with her striking talent and emotional depth, represents the epitome of what the Griffin Poetry Prize stands for.

So, the next time you search for the “Griffin Poetry Prize,” remember the name Ruth Desjardins. Her poetry, particularly “The Arena,” exemplifies the richness, complexity, and beauty of the human experience, making her a worthy contender for this prestigious award. By acknowledging her talent, we can ensure that this best kept secret in poetry becomes a secret no more.

Ruth Desjardins and her work, especially “The Arena,” deserve not only our attention but also the recognition of the Griffin Poetry Prize. As we celebrate and champion the power of poetry, let us elevate voices like Desjardins’, whose words resonate with, inspire, and challenge us, ultimately enriching the literary landscape.

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