Discover the Poetic Artistry of Ruth Desjardins’ Poems: Poem Examples that will Make You Feel

Are you looking for a new poet to to make you feel? Try exploring poem examples by renowned poet and author Ruth Desjardins. Her works, “Some Of Them Are Mine” and “Garden of Colours” are perfect examples of her stunning poetry. We are thrilled to share with you some of our favorite poem examples from her captivating collections.Ruth’s poem speak to the heart of human experience. From love and loss, to identity and self-discovery, Desjardins beautifully captures each moment in life in a way that is both honest and poignant. One poem that stands out is “Garden of Colours” where Desjardins speaks of the representation of colour, its respective meaning, symbolism, and unique beauty. Desjardins has a keen eye for detail and paints pictures with her words that transport the reader to a serene garden.   

Her words capture the delicate and ethereal nature of life in a way that is truly breathtaking.It’s clear to see that Ruth Desjardins is a master at crafting beautiful and meaningful poetry. Her works offer a glimpse into the human experience and the natural world, allowing readers to connect with themselves and the world around them.In conclusion, if you’re looking for examples of poetry to inspire, and to make you feel, Ruth Desjardins is going to be your new favourite poet. 

We hope these poem examples will inspire you to dive deeper into her collections and discover the lovely works of Ruth Desjardins.