A Dream Of Spring

A Dream Of Spring is a beautiful poem by Ruth Desjardins

A dream of spring

I’m thinking of springtime and flowers;

I’m dreaming of sunshine again; 

I’m looking for rainbows that follow 

A walk in the soft, gentle rain. 


I’m lost a world I’ve imagined 

Where sunshine now enters my soul, 

Where pain can be soothed and forgotten, 

Where beauty will flourish and grow.


Feeling my spirit so fragile, 

I seek all that is tender and kind 

To nourish the sweetness within me 

And leave all that’s bitter behind.  


I’m seeking the warmth of the springtime- 

The sweet, gentle promise it brings; 

I’m seeking renewal of hope now– 

The new life I’ve wanted to win. 


Dreams that I’ve cherished still calling; 

Hopes I have struggled to hold 

Nestle so softly within me 

A-waiting a story untold. 


And so I must dream in the sunshine, 

Share the rebirth of the spring, 

Recapture the music of laughter, 

Recover my reason to sing. 


I want all the wonder of living; 

I want to have something to give; 

I seek to replenish my spirit, 

Take joy in the fact that I live. 

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About Author

Ruth Desjardins is a celebrated Canadian writer, born in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.

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