A Dream Of Love

A Dream Of Love is a poem about love by Ruth Desjardins

I love you –

It seems forever

It was always you:

My eyes have searched for your eyes;

My dreams have been of you.

Darling, I just didn’t know

Where you were

Or who


I love you –

You’re what I dreamed of

So many years ago;

You’re what I lost the hope of

The dream that I let go.

My love, I thought you’d never come;

It took so long,

You know.


I love you –

I recognize you

My dreams have been regained.

My love, you seemed to know me

Felt all my joy and pain.

It seems I’d heard your laughter:

I hear it

Once again


I love you –

You’re my childhood dream,

I thought I’d made you up –

Your gentle strength and courage,

Your integrity, your love,

Your singing and your poetry –

All I’d been

Dreaming of.


I love you –

As you stand there,

Exciting, warm, and more _

Intelligent and talented

With dreams that leap and soar;

I look at you and I know you’re real

You’re not a dream –

You’re more!

(Began Jan 78, finished Oct 79)

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Ruth Desjardins is a celebrated Canadian writer, born in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.

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