Just A Little Boy

Just A Little Boy is a poem about love by Ruth Desjardins

Just a little boy

Silly now to wonder

If one sweet lie was true;

Useless to discover

What I meant to you.


I knew what I was risking;

I knew that I might lose;

I knew how you could hurt me

And how you could abuse.


I had so many dreams though

Of all that I might gain

But you were just a little boy

Playing silly games.


A waste of time to think about

The way it might have been

If you had been the man I thought

Or dreamed what I had dreamed.


I know I’m not the first you tricked

I know I’m not the last

I know you’ll look for other prey

To make up for your past.


You were just a little boy

Playing games with me

But still, I love the little boy

He’s very dear to me.


Useless not to speculate

On how it all will end

It doesn’t really matter

I’ll always be your friend


I know right now you’d like to turn

And run away from me

But it isn’t necessary

Don’t you know – you’re safe with me


I know you’re just a little boy

And I’ve learned to play your game

Stand still and stop your squirming

And be my friend again.

About Author

Ruth Desjardins is a celebrated Canadian writer, born in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.

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