Sing Again

Sing Again is a poem by Ruth Desjardins

Sing again as you did before

Songs that left you wanting more

Play it just the way you feel

Fantasies that seem so real


Imagine all that life should be

And tell it all in poetry.

Sing again and touch the strings

Let your beauty reach and ring


Sing in tunes as soft as air

Whatever thoughts are waiting there

Whatever feelings stir your soul

Set them free and let them flow


Never let your music fade

Keep your fountain flowing

Sing the song that rises in you

And feel your spirit growing


Sing about the hero now

The pain that couldn’t beat you

Rise in pride and sing again

For nothing can defeat you


Dream in rhymes and sing again

Of summer sun or gentle rain

Sing of freedom’s sweet release

Sing of hope and love and peace


Sing of far off stars that glisten

Sing again and I will listen.

About Author

Ruth Desjardins is a celebrated Canadian writer, born in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.

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