Poet In A Storm

Poet In a Storm is a poem written by well known Canadian poet, Ruth Desjardins

The storm lashed out in anger 

As fury shook the sky, 

Lightning flashed its searing threat 

Before the poet’s eye. 

Explosions thundered through the soul; 

Wind raged through the trees; 

Purple clouds hurled angry tears 

And fury poured in streams. 

The storm expressed its agony; 

The poet felt the pain, 

Felt the world tremble, 

Endured the driving rain.

Waiting for the moment, 

Knowing it would come, 

Watching for the clouds to break, 

Waiting for the sun. 

And now the sky is shattered, 

And now the lightning dies, 

As beauty paints a rainbow 

Against the stormy sky. 

Raindrops look like diamonds; 

Streams of light splash through; 

The world is all a-glisten 

Before the poet’s view. 

Moments spent with beauty– 

A glimpse of sunlit sky– 

Moments, only moments, 

Now coloured thoughts rush by.

The poet feels the rainbow 

Heal the savage stings; 

Beauty splashes through the soul 

To give the poet wings. 

And now the poet answers 

With words to match the scene, 

Spinning rhymes of feeling, 

Creating majesty. 

Relating thunder’s fury, 

Reliving tears of rain, 

Then, safe inside the rainbow, 

The poet dreams again. 

About Author

Ruth Desjardins is a celebrated Canadian writer, born in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.

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