Cautious Shadows

Cautious shadows is a poem about loneliness by Ruth Desjardins

Cautious shadows

Dreaming all alone 

Forever will be their fate 

Cautious shadows wait 

Wanting love 

Needing love 

Missing love 

Cautious shadows smile 

Hiding lonely tears and sadness all of the time 

Looking happy all the while. 

So afraid. 

So in love 

Dreaming dreams 

Dreams of love 

Say it now 

Say you care – 

Too afraid 

Shadows don’t dare. 

Cautious shadows wanting love 

Dreaming dreams so rare 

never show they care 

Never learn of joy but spend all of their lives 

In lonely castles in the air 

Cautiously they walk alone and dream of happiness

Never reaching home 

So afraid 

So in love 

Dreaming dreams 

Dreams of love 

Say it now 

Say you care 

Too afraid 

Shadows never dare. 

Lonliness is all they’ll know 

Never trusting love 

Cautious shadows lose their dreams. 

But if dreams of joy 

Are ever given a chance 

They could learn what loving means. 

Loving means you’re not alone. 

Someone else is with you, 

Aching for your love–your dream. 

Give your love 

Share your dream 

Open up your heart 

Tell her how you feel 

Share your dream. 

Make it real.

About Author

Ruth Desjardins is a celebrated Canadian writer, born in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.

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