Fear is a poem by Rith Desjardins


I hide behind a loser’s game, 

It lets me feel control; 

Though it betrays my honesty, 

And it can steal my soul; 

For while the game protects my fear, 

It coaxes fear to grow


Fear is a destroyer 

Killing hope and trust, 

Trampling over tenderness, 

Crumbling dreams to dust. 


Fear is raging fire 

Burning to the ground– 

Every dream of happiness, 

Every hope I’ve found. 


Fear is roaring thunder 

Quaking through my soul, 

Shaking all my confidence, 

Unmasking every role.


Fear is choking silence. 

I feel my tongue go dry. 

I stand in screaming emptiness 

Too afraid to try. 


What kind of living death is this? 

Afraid life will betray– 

Afraid to reach for what I want, 

Afraid to even say 

How terribly afraid I am 



Fear is death within the soul, 

The end of every dream

The sickening that spreads within 

Like cancer’s silent scream


Fear is raging monsters 

Waiting to devour, 

Threatening to pounce on hopes 

Throughout life’s every hour. 


Fear is soul-confining, 

A prison cell with bars 

That lock me far away from life, 

That keep me from the stars. 


Fear is crushing boulders, 

Descending on my head, 

To crush the life within me 

Till all but fear is dead. 


And so today I face the worst, 

My fear says that I’ll lose; 

The odds are all against me, 

But I know what I must choose. 

And as I reach for happiness, 

I’m frightened that I’ll lose. 


My god! The world exploded! 

My every hope was shattered! 

As every fear was realized! 

And every dream was scattered! 

Ruth Desjardins 


About Author

Ruth Desjardins is a celebrated Canadian writer, born in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.

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