Flowers And Thorns

Flowers and Thorns is a poem by Ruth Desjardins

Flowers and thorns

A flower grew in the summer

Alone among the thorns,

Blossoming through sunny days,

Fearing every storm.


Tender petals threatened –

No shelter from the winds

That blew the thorns against her;

She suffered cruel stings.


Gently soothed by falling rain,

And when the storm was done,

The flower felt her strength return

And turned toward the sun.


Again she felt the gentle breeze;

She touched the smiling sun;

Forgetting that the thorns were there,

She blossomed in the sun.


And then another flower bold

Appeared among the thorns –

Suffered all the agony,

Weathered all the storms.


Alone he stood among the thorns

And heard her gentle words;

She understood his joy and pain –

It was so much like hers.


So many things to talk about.

Forgotten was the pain.

Even though the stinging thorns

Were never far away.


Enjoying sunlit afternoons

And breezes soft and warm

Finding so much joy in life

Together ‘mid the thorns


But when the angry winds began

They couldn’t help each other,

For every flower stands alone

Throughout the stormy weather.


Once again alone he stood

Against the cruel pain

Again she felt the stinging thorns

Then healed in the rain.


And now the sun is shining;

The flowers can be friends,

As independent, strong, and free –

They plant their roots again.


As strength returns in healing rays

For now the pain is done;

They stand alone – yet not alone

Beneath the summer sun.


Ruth Desjardins

May 1979

About Author

Ruth Desjardins is a celebrated Canadian writer, born in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.

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