Let’s Pretend

Let's Pretend is a poem by Ruth Desjardins, the extraordinary and undiscovered poet!

Let’s pretend

There’s a game that everybody plays– 

I call it “Let’s Pretend”. 

And everyone plays every day; 

It seems it never ends.


Everybody knows the rules, 

Unwritten and unmentioned, 

We never, never say “pretend” 

Or else the game is ended. 


“Let’s pretend I’m not embarassed.” 

“Let’s pretend you didn’t see.” 

“Let’s pretend that you’re not angry.” 

“Let’s pretend you care for me.”


People hiding everywhere, 

Living out a lie; 

Caged within a fantasy, 

Allowing dreams to die.


Never speaking openly, 

Never being true, 

Never being honest, 

Nothing we can do.


“Let’ s pretend we’re never lonely.” 

“Let’s pretend we never cared.” 

“Let’s pretend this isn’t hurting.” 

“Let’s pretend…Oh lord, I’m scared!”


A game that slowly crushes, 

A game that frightens me, 

A game that never ceases, 

That no one seems to see.


Wordlessly pretending 

Behind the walls of fear– 

The game is played the hardest 

Whenever love comes near.


“Let’s pretend you never hurt me.” 

“Let’s pretend it’s all right now.” 

“Let’s pretend the pain is ended.” 

“Let’s pretend…I don’t know how!”


I want to break the silence; 

I want to end the pain; 

I want to speak the truth now, 

And find myself again.


I want to live in freedom; 

I want to stop pretending; 

I want to find my pride now. 

And so the game is ending.


“Let’s pretend that this is honest.” 

“Let’s pretend that this is real.” 

“Let’s pretend we’re not pretending.” 

“Let’s pretend… Why can’t I feel?”


The game is all around me 

Freezing out the truth; 

Drawing curtains, building walls, 

Keeping me aloof.


I ask myself so many times 

As my life becomes my own, 

If I refuse to play the game 

Will I have to live alone?


“Let’s pretend it’s not important.” 

“Let’s pretend we’re being friends.” 

“Let’ts pretend it doesn’t matter.” 

“Let’s pretend…Until the end… 



About Author

Ruth Desjardins is a celebrated Canadian writer, born in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.

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