Tell You The Truth

Tell You the Truth is a Poem by Ruth Desjardins

Tell you the truth? 

How could I? 

You ran away from me. 

You were afraid to hear it; 

You were afraid to see. 


Tell you the truth? 

Why would I? 

You became angry at me; 

You shouted and misunderstood me; 

You wouldn’t listen to me. 


Tell you the truth? 

Why should I? 

You’d only laugh at me; 

You’d scorn my fragile daydreams 

And poke your fun at me. 


Tell you the truth? 

Why must I? 

You’d twist it and make it shame; 

You’d take the beauty of my soul 

And cover it with blame. 


Tell you the truth…. 

When will I? 

When you deserve to hear it; 

When you can listen and understand; 

When neither of us fear it. 


Tell you the truth…. 

Why will I? 

Because you tell me yours; 

Because you share your longings; 

Because you open doors. 


Tell you the truth…. 

How will I? 

With love and anger and pain; 

With gladness to lay down a burden; 

With truth and freedom to gain



About Author

Ruth Desjardins is a celebrated Canadian writer, born in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.

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