Passion’s Triumph

Passion's triumph is a poem about the desire for love and passion by renowned Canadian poet, Ruth Desjardins

Astride a mighty mountaintop– 

Like standing in the air, 

Feeling sun upon my skin 

And wind that blows my hair. 

A wildly beating rhythm 

Begins inside my chest; 

I rise within the music, 

Never finding rest. 


Feeling such a yearning 

Straining deep inside me; 

Screaming for the majesty 

Of something that’s denied me. 


Wanting what I’ve never known, 

Exalted heart on fire, 

My arms stretch out for glory, 

Reaching ever higher.


Aching from the strain of it, 

Limits that extend, 

Pulling from the soul of me, 

Forcing to the end. 


Hands that reach in agony, 

My spirit tries to fly– 

Upward now in ecstacy…. 

My fingers touch the sky! 

About Author

Ruth Desjardins is a celebrated Canadian writer, born in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.

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