Echoes Of Love

Echoes of love is a poem about love by Canadian author and poet, Ruth Desjardins

Listen, do you hear it? 

So soft in the distance there…. 

Echoes of love— 

Are you listening? 

Did I hear what wasn’t there? 


Listen, do you hear it? 

Or did I imagine it all? 

Echoes of love– 

Were you listening? 

Didn’t you hear it at all? 


I thought I heard music in the wind– 

Echoes of love so pure– 

Was it only my lonely wishes

I’ll never be really sure. 


Listen, did you hear it? 

It seems to be fading now. 

Echoes of love– 

Did I dream it? 

Can I call it back somehow? 


Listen, is it over? 

Did you hear that elusive sound? 

Echoes of love 

So soft in the wind– 

Of love that I thought I’d found. 

Ruth Desjardins 


About Author

Ruth Desjardins is a celebrated Canadian writer, born in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.

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