I Wonder

I Wonder is a love poem by Ruth Desjardins, acclaimed poet and author

All the magic wishing,

All the shining stars,

All the lovely dreaming

I wonder where they are


All the gentle beauty

From eyes that meet my own,

All the smiles and tender looks –

I wonder where they’ve gone.


Will you let the dreams return?

And make them feel real someday?

Will you reach for what you want?

Or throw it all away?


I hold the dreams inside my soul

And hope perhaps someday…

But I saw no dreams of beauty

As I watched your eyes today.


I wonder if it’s possible

For dreams to die so fast.

Can fear destroy the glory?

Or will the beauty last?


I can’t pretend my dreams are gone,

But when I look at you,

Your empty eyes look back at me;

And I wonder what you’ll do.


I wonder what replaced the dreams;

And when I think of you,

I wonder if you’ll ever dream

The way you used to do.


I think of what I wanted;

I know I haven’t changed;

But I wonder if we’ll ever reach

For shining stars again.

About Author

Ruth Desjardins is a celebrated Canadian writer, born in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.

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