It’s Hurting Me Tonight

It's Hurting Me Tonight is a love poem by Ruth Desjardins

The love we speak in whispers

Holds all my joy and pride;

But I want to speak out loud to you

And its hurting me inside.


Perhaps I’m too impatient,

And maybe this is right,

But tonight you came and left, love,

And it’s hurting me tonight.


The game we keep on playing

Has made me seem unreal

I wait for you to end it

And tell me how you feel.


Without the game, there’s nothing;

And so I can’t let go,

But I’m not good at playing it

And it’s hurting me, you know.


I want to say I love you,

To say it so you’ll hear;

I want to let you know it;

I want it to be clear.


Sometimes I think you doubt me

When I don’t play it right

It makes me feel so helpless,

And it’s hurting me tonight.


I need to hear you say it;

I long to feel your touch;

But tonight you seem so distant,

And it’s hurting me so much.


I wonder if you feel the same.

Throughout the empty nights;

I lie here in the darkness

And it’s hurting me tonight.


Will the waiting really end, love?

Please tell me once again

Because sometimes I’m frightened

And it’s hurting me again.


I looked into your eyes, love,

As I heard you say goodnight,

But now the door is closing,

And it’s hurting me tonight.

About Author

Ruth Desjardins is a celebrated Canadian writer, born in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.

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