Healing, a poem by Ruth Desjardins about the healing of the inner child

Looking for some peace of soul 

And as I rest I’m trying 

To ease the pain that crushes me 

But I hear someone crying. 


Someone small and helpless, 

Someone young and lost, 

Someone hidden deep inside. 

Who always pays the cost. 


She feels again injustice; 

She knows it isn’t fair; 

She finds a place to hide in me, 

And cries alone in there. 


With sobs that shake my body, 

And pain that tears my soul, 

And tears that fall in silence– 

She’s crying all alone. 


She’s just a little girl– 

I have to rescue her; 

I have to hold her close to me; 

I have to soothe her hurt; 


I have to say I love her; 

I have to say she’s good; 

I have to hold her tenderly 

As a loving mother would. 


Then as she feels the comfort 

of knowing someone cares, 

She nestles softly in my soul 

And falls asleep in there. 


Tomorrow will bring sunshine; 

Her tears will all be dry, 

And the world will see a woman 

With a strangely childlike smile. 


Ruth Desjardins 

Apr. 1979 

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About Author

Ruth Desjardins is a celebrated Canadian writer, born in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.

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