What Will I Do?

What Will I do is a love poem written by Ruth Desjardins

What will I do

Love that waits in shackles,

Desire fiercely damned

Behind a wall of friendship –

I dare not touch your hand;

But while I wait for you

Oh love,

What will I do with my hands?


Love that’s overflowing,

Spilling from my eyes,

Desire that must turn away

Until its fire dies;

But while I feel its warmth,

Oh love,

What will I do with my eyes?


Love that leave me reaching,

Desire that alarms

I hold myself in tight control.

Aware of all your charms;

But while you stand so close.

Oh love,

What will I do with my arms?


Love that seeks expression,

In words I tell you of

The way I have been dreaming

About the touch of love;

But while we have to wait,

Oh please,

What will I do with my love?


Love that leaves me trembling,

Impatient on the shelf,

Desire keeps me thinking

Of you and little else;

But while I await your touch,

Oh love,

What will I do with myself?



About Author

Ruth Desjardins is a celebrated Canadian writer, born in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.

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