A Man Of Gold

A Man of Gold is a poem by celebrated author, Ruth Desjardins

A man of gold

I heard your voice so clear one night– 

A dream that spoke to me– 

You challenged me to rise above 

The pain and misery. 


I heard your voice from up above; 

You said to use my mind. 

You challenged me. I answered you. 

And I began to rise. 


I floated gently upward then, 

Through skies of palest blue; 

And every level that I reached 

I searched the sky for you. 


And then a silver spaceship came; 

I would have floated by, 

But a silver lady held the door 

And beckoned me inside. 


An amber light was glowing there; 

I looked again for you; 

They said, “He’s coming later. 

But there’s something you must do.” 


That’s when I saw the wounded– 

All lying there in pain, 

I knew I’d have to help them 

And make them well again.


And as I worked, I waited. 

I wanted you to come. 

I wanted you to notice me. 

To see how well I’d done. 


I feared I’d never see you- 

Or hear your voice again. 

I worked to help the wounded, 

To heal and soothe their pain. 


And then one day I found you, 

Unconscious in the dark, 

There among the wounded– 

It almost stopped my heart! 


I worked to make you conscious 

Of pride–to set you free, 

And so I made you angry 

As you had done to me. 


A challenge that you answered 

With love that made me cry; 

And then I heard your voice again: 

“I promise I won’t die.” 


I saw you there in glowing gold; 

You stood and smiled at me. 

You wanted me to wait for you 

But you were leaving me.


There was a job you had to do– 

Somewhere to go alone… 

And yet I knew you’d come someday. 

To lead us safely home.


I’m waiting now to hear your voice; 

To see you smile again; 

To know that you are safely back– 

To never leave again. 

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About Author

Ruth Desjardins is a celebrated Canadian writer, born in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.

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