I Remember Dora

Echoes of love is a poem about love by Canadian author and poet, Ruth Desjardins

I Remember Dora

There’s a lady I remember,

She touched me long ago

And made me know she loved me,

But then I let her go.


We talked together night and day;

I knew she was my friend;

She even said she loved me

But I lost her in the end.


There was no time for me to grow

Secure in what she felt

I felt loved when I was with her

But I doubted by myself.


Afraid I’d be a nuisance –

She was so very ill,

Though I knew that she was dying

She wrote letters to me still.


And then I got her letter,

The words so weak and small

And lines that were so scattered

I couldn’t read it all.


I wish I’d gone to see her then

But I wanted to pretend

I hadn’t read between the lines

Her life was at an end.


She never really told me

That she was going to die

Perhaps she thought I’d understand

And come and say “goodbye”…


Or perhaps she really didn’t

Ever want to see me cry.

Sometimes I think that she

Was just as insecure as I.


Somehow I couldn’t tell her

The awful thing I feared;

I couldn’t write pretending letters

And I couldn’t show my tears.


And so I played a waiting game

For her to write again

But I never heard again from her…

I lost a treasured friend.


Still, I remember Dora;

I know I loved her so;

And even though I know she’s dead,

I’ve never let her go.

I remember Dora

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About Author

Ruth Desjardins is a celebrated Canadian writer, born in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.

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