Garden Of Colours

Garden of Colours is a poem by Ruth Desjardins

When planting the seeds

In your garden of life,

Be sure that you don’t forget flowers –

The beauty of the colours

That every life needs

To glow throughout all the dark hours

Bright yellows that kindle

A confident hope;

The radiant gold of ideals,

Show a bright cheerful outlook,

A sunny-day warmth,

Understanding, and strength that is real.

Violet hues

Of a fantasy world,

With its make-believe, magic, and spells,

Enchantments and charms,

And wishes-come-true,

And daydreams too tender to tell.

Soft blues that speak

Of a true loyalty,

Of a yearning for sweet peace of mind,

Creative expression

Of sensitive feelings

From a heart that is faithful and kind.

Reds that reveal

A passion for life –

The urge to live life full and free

Impulsive and active

And hungry for love,

For life, and all it should be.

Each colour will have

Its own story to tell,

As you sit in your garden and see

The colours of living

The glorious bloom

That tell you what joy life can be.

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About Author

Ruth Desjardins is a celebrated Canadian writer, born in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.

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