Applause is a poem written about Ruth Desjardins


He wanted to be admired

And chased for what he was

He wanted to dazzle the people.

He wanted the world’s applause.


He wanted to be respected.

He wanted the people to see

 The talent he carried inside him.

And all the things he could be.


He wanted someone to love him

To see the goodness inside

He wanted someone to be safe with

But be locked his love inside.


Fear and frustration had chained him

To reaching then running away.

Leaving him fighting a battle

That always led to pain


And when he came close to loving

His fears rose up again

And he lashed out to kill the loving

And looked for applause again.


And there were many to cheer him

To admire the talents he had

But only one who saw the truth

Who watched him, alone and sad.


Who wondered what hope he could give her                                        

Though a tangle of virtues and flaws                                                          

Would he ever be strong enough to love  

Or stay hidden behind applause.

About Author

Ruth Desjardins is a celebrated Canadian writer, born in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.

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